my journey.

I was drawn to Yoga in 2012, first trying a class at a local gym in East London, I fell in love with the way the class left me feeling: calm. This sense of serenity was exactly what I needed and left me curious to learn more. I soon began to realise that yoga was much more than just how it can make us feel, but that it is more a lifestyle or even a journey: a path to self-discovery and self-realisation.

Yoga has been a massive aspect of my self healing and continually asks me to grow, learn and challenge my beliefs. It has allowed me to create space in my very busy mind, which has in turn created space for life to flow rather than be forced. As I continue to learn, I hope to teach students more than just the physical benefits of yoga, but to give them tools for which they can use to begin their own journey of healing and find that connection to ‘self’, that allows us to live more from our hearts and less from our minds, finding the strength to live a truly authentic life.

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