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Whether it’s a 45 minute dynamic vinyasa flow for your lunch break workout, a 30 minute meditation to begin your working day with precise focus or a slow yin sequence to wind down after a hard day’s work. Corporate classes can be arranged to suit your company’s needs. They’re the perfect antidote for our bodies and minds; some much needed breathing space.

Regular classes are fantastic for team morale and work ethic, as we flow together we create a united positive energy; calming yin yoga sequences help to de-stress and relax tense bodies and minds; meditation sessions harness focus and flow; partner yoga for the perfect ice breaker sessions!

Classes were held at your premises, but due to current COVID restrictions we have moved online. All you need is a space to practice, a laptop or a large interactive screen, a Zoom account and internet. Chair yoga classes are a great way to take part in classes right from your desk, easily incorporated into your day!


“I felt the instructor was very knowledgeable and kind – she made me feel extremely comfortable (and as a beginner who is overweight, that was greatly appreciated). She shared the poses/moves with us in a way that enabled the beginners to learn and the usual yoga-goers to not feel they were being slowed down for our benefit. I have learnt a lot and will most definitely be continuing with yoga thanks to Robyn”

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Please drop me a line if you would like more information on what I offer, to discuss your requirements and tailor a class to suit your team!


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