online sessions.

Now you can have the benefits of a class from anywhere over the world. Whether you’re travelling or living abroad, practising from home or the office – the online sessions are great to maintain your practice from wherever you are!
Want to practise with me as a private yoga class in the comfort of your own home? I will arrange a time that’s most suitable for you. All you need is a laptop or your mobile, enough space for a mat, a yoga mat and some time dedicated to you!
£45 for a 1:1 session.
If you’re interested in booking or would like more information, please get in touch to discuss.


online group yoga class.

See here for my regular Wednesday Unwind & Restore group class with Repose Studio (£10 drop in).


what do I need?
  • a quiet, undisturbed space to practise
  • yoga mat
  • yoga props (blanket, blocks, cushion or bolster, strap)
  • internet
  • computer, tablet or phone
  • a Zoom account (with app installed/downloaded)

See; What is Zoom?

free online classes.

Yoga is an incredible tool for life and I believe that everyone should have access to the teachings. That’s why you can re-watch my live classes – I have free content regularly updated on my YouTube Channel (click to view); most are 1 hour long practice… I will have some tutorials and shorter classes coming soon!

distance reiki.

A form of energy healing which works by channelling universal energy to aid your own healing.

A consultation sheet will be sent via email. We will have a short 15 min (maximum) phone call check in prior to the session; I complete your healing whilst you listen to a 30 minute meditation from me and I will call back to discuss how the treatment went after the healing has been completed.


£45 for 60 mins

For more information on reiki and healing, please read here.

Corporate Classes

Yoga at work - designed to suit your team's needs!


Yoga holidays abroad, 1/2 day and urban retreats.


All about our upcoming group classes & info on 1:1s


Find out about our very latest workshops and events