well connected.

Welcome to Well Connected. Hannah Noble, founder of A Fine Balance Yoga + Wellbeing and I met online. We clicked straight away with the shared vision for making yoga and the wellbeing industry accessible for everybody. We want to share the incredible life changing benefits from across all sectors with people that may not be aware of them or understand how to access them. We will share regular content, podcasts, events and more. We will focus on monthly themes from yoga to triathalons, mental health to holistic therapies and more. There will be actionable steps to help everybody to feel better. Working in wellbeing? We are looking for people to interview for our blogs and podcasts. If you would like to share your experience to help others, please do get in touch.
“What brought you to yoga?”

If we are not conscious of our beliefs, they can limit our achievements because we can’t achieve anything while subconsciously contemplating the impossibility of achieving it.

Dr Menis Yousry